Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to Reduce Stress In 5 Simple Steps

Handle With Care by kazam media.

Peace of mind is the difference between calmness of thoughts
and a cancerous thought process. Your perception of the
situation that has raised your blood pressure is the only
reason anger flow within your veins. Perceptions creates
reality-Change your perception on the stressful situation
and your mood will shift. Uses the 30 strategies to reduce
stress and start enjoying life.

1. Watch a childhood movie

Significant improvements can be made by watching your favorite movie. It immediately changes your thoughts, resulting in a shift of emotion. A childhood movie will immediate substitute your current thoughts with positive emotion. Although not all of us had a wonderful childhood as toddlers. We each have at least 1 great memory which can bring a smile to our frown. It all about making the mental shift in regard to how to think positive.

2. Time to Unwind

As your emotional temperature begin to rise, pull your self a drink to unwind. Sit down, relax and begin to sipping on a drink as your thoughts of stress begin to diffuse. It's best not to make a habit of stress+alcohol, because it can lead to addiction. Digest enough to end inner turmoil as you being to resume your thoughts of how to be positive.

3. Take a walk

Walking increases blood flow into the brain which release stress and builds energy. Taking time everyday to walk can only bring calmness to the mind and more self control. Significant improvements will begin to show within a a matter of days. You'll begin to generate more ideas, improve thinking, sharpened memory mixed with a great physic. Lack of progress within this department can only build laziness, distress, insecurity and anxiety. Keeping your mind focused on how to be positive will become established as your drive to physical fitness increases.

4. Eargasum

Play your favorite songs instantly to push your mind into a fun direction. Music is a very powerful tool to relieve stress enormously. Use this to your advantage by taking care playing your favorite tracks if your feeling down and out. In most cases, instant mood improvements occur once an individuals favorite track began to play. Thought of stress began to dissolve as positive thoughts began to flourish.

5. Gratitude

Much stress comes from not getting what we deeply want to acquire. This type of thinking produces mental strain, distress and weakness. It allows us to focuses on our weakness instead of our strengths. One of the best ways to end this conscious confusion is by expressing gratitude. Begin to write a list of all aspects within your reality which you appreciate. Begin to look at all the great things you already have within your life. Setting time aside each day to accomplish this goal will build a positive mind rapidly.

Are you Stress free?


  1. Oh my gosh, I had to read "Eargasum" twice before I realized what you were saying. That's awesome! And yes, I frequently use music to help me destress, as well as exercise, meditation, and that childhood movie thing is brilliant! I actually enjoy watching cartoons from when I was a kid... Makes me feel 6 or 7 years old again, without a care in the world (except whether or not Tom was actually going to catch Jerry!).
    Great tips!

  2. @ Megan

    I'm loving your joyful responses. Music is the best way to turn your mind from a garbage bin to a shinning marble floor. Keep thinking positive and it will overflow any and every negative thought within your mind.

  3. Hi Jonathan - I very much agree with #3 - Walking. Taking a walk never fails to make me feel better. I tend to take a walk at work when I need a break. I always come back feeling refreshed. :)

  4. @ Amanda,

    Thanks for the love,much appreciated.
    Its great to hear your getting rid of those negaitve thoughts though a nice brisk walk when you need a well deserved break.

  5. I like the idea of cultivating peace every day. Meditation is an activity that has been very calming for me. The practice of gratitude also helps me with a sense of perspective. Thanks for a great reminder to reduce stress!

  6. this article is very helpful for me. thanks!