Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mario's 6 Success Attributes

"It's a me, Mario"

Who are your role models? Well as a video games addict in my younger years my favorite video was Mario. Anything with his name on it was an instant classic. From Super Mario to Mario for Nintendo Wii, they are all my guilty pleasures. But what can we learn from such a character who seems to be admired my millions into the billions around the world? What character traits does possess which can help us improve our lives? How can Mario teach you how to think positive?

Here are a few tips which can help you out


Within each of us lives and breathes Mario. The ability to set aside all mental fears of evil, destruction and negativity. Relying on our intuition for guidance throughout the mysterious lands of Mushroom Land. Each of us has the ability to Super Jump punch thoughts of worry and proceed to think in terms of how to think positive. Stepping away from the crowd by constructing your own path to happiness is the only way to truly live life. Fear conquering can lead to a feeling of euphoria as you begin to stretch your comfort zone on a daily basis. How can you stretch your comfort zone? Do more of the unknown and less of the known. Set aside time each day by asking yourself, what would Mario do in this situation? How can I use bravery to conquer my objective and begin to step away from the crowd.

Positive Attitude

Now we all know Mario is the most positive Nintendo character ever created. Each time he loses to Bower in order to save the princess , he returns back with avenges. Mario is consistently ready , willing and able to save the day, by never giving up. A positive attitude is an essential component to achieving success in any area within our lives. Fill your mind with positive thoughts will cause you to feel energetic, relaxed and clam. Otherwise your mind will be similar to Bowser's. A cranium filled with cynicism, depression and anxiety , because Mario always seems to kick your ass without saying sorry.

Are you Mario or Bowser? Are you thinking good thoughts or thoughts destruction? Either your mind is destroying you or you have learned how to think positive?


Smile, Smile , smile!
It's never possible to actually see Mario frown unless Luigi ate the last slice of frozen pizza last night while he was sleeping. Mario is a character who is friendly, out going, and makes you feel more important than the last person you talked to. What can we learn from this guy? Let your smile show for all to see. One of the most captivating factors within a human being is his/hers ability to smile. Smiling make the other person feel totally accepted with the first 3-4 seconds before 1 word is even spoken. Its true that "Action speak louder than word" and smiling seals the deal for further communication.

Here is an excerpt from

~ Dale Carnegie " How To Friends And Influence People"

[Have you ever been in a doctor's waiting room and looked around at
all the glum faces waiting impatiently to be seen? Dr, Stephen K.
Sproul, a veterinarian in Raytown, Missouri, told of a typical spring
day when his waiting room was full of clients waiting to have their
pets inoculated. No one was talking to anyone else, and all were
probably thinking of a dozen other things they would rather be doing
than "wasting time" sitting in that office. He told one of our classes:
"There were six or seven clients waiting when a young woman came
in with a nine-month-old baby and a kitten. As luck would have it,
she sat down next to a gentleman who was more than a little
distraught about the long wait for service. The next thing he knew,
the baby just looked up at him with that great big smile that is so
characteristic of babies. What did that gentleman do? Just what you
and I would do, of course; he-smiled back at the baby. Soon he
struck up a conversation with the woman about her baby and his
grandchildren, and soon the entire reception room joined in, and the
boredom and tension were converted into a pleasant and enjoyable

Show me some Style

Clothes don't make the man, but it sure does increase ones confidence level. One of the reason why Mario is so great is because he dresses to impress effortlessly. I mean come one, the bright red hat with the " M" symbol embedded into his cap, his snazzy blue denim overalls, on top of his red shirt, matching his hat mixed combined with white glue on his construction boots. I think this guy enjoys fighting in style don't you think? So how can dressing well attribute to success? Wearing clothes which make you feel confident increase your certainty, positive attitude, self image and energy level. A feeling a self confidence streams though out your body , cause you to act and behave with pure confidence. Without confidence you become unmotivated, lazy and dress like Bowser, who is usually wearing a turtle shell.

Be Nice

is perceived in society as unnecessary and a losing taste fast. Majority of people no longer say thank you, please or have a great Day with sincerity. We are all on the move to make it to some destination in a hurry as we forget to thank people when necessary on a daily basis. Mario provides politeness is all of his tonalities. He rarely raises his voice unless he is a ferocious battle with Bowser. Speaking to others is a clam manner increases your likability, self discipline and causes you to become more approachable. Without a sense of politeness, you may speak your mind too much and create a negative ora around yourself. Keep your mind focused on how to be positive as you begin to speak to people with more poise.

I couldn't end this article without letting Luigi get a few words in

Mario: How are we gonna get there, I got two words for you: Im-possible
Luigi: Nothing is Impossible Mario. Improbable , Unlikely, But never Impossible
Luigi: Anything is Possible, Mario, you just go to believe in it.

Any thoughts? I would love to hear your feedback!

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