Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to End Procastination in 4 Easy Steps

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All individuals who have been successful within their lifetime share 1 similar characteristic. They have the ability to achieve results. Having the ability to get things done, will move you rapidly out of the pack within days. End procrastination by seizing every moment with action, purpose and determination. Here are 4 ways to create Instant Action.

Stop Procrastination

The lack of motivation stems from not taking action Now. If your waiting for the perfect moment, I'll let you in on a little secret. There is no perfect time to start in the real world. There will be always something that isn't quite right. Either your kids have baseball practice, your picking up more hours at your job or you don't have enough money. The best time to start is Now.

Present Action creates Future rewards

Living in the moment of now, is what matters. Figure out what you can do at this present moment and nothing else. Don't fill your conscious mind with thoughts of what you can do tomorrow or next week. Keep your mind focused on making today a successful day. Too much time is wasted speculating while distractions and pettiness lead you nowhere. Make a decision now and stick with it.

Keep Fear at your Knees

Action is the antidote to fear. The hardest part is taking the first step. After you have already put yourself in the situation, the ball starts to roll down the hill with positive momentum. You'll begin to work harder, longer and build self confidence at the same time. Fear is only an illusion of the mind brought upon by past experience. Breaking down fear leaves you with this "False Evidence Appearing Real." In most cases, success can be attained though action, intent and motivation. Keep you eyes on the end result as fear eliminates from your perspective of life.

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  1. Procrastination is a habit. The only way to break it is to fight it head-on. Make some actions even if you don't feel to. Then one day procrastination will never be a part of you anymore.

    Just be patient and persevere. :-)

  2. Great observation Walter, Patience and Perseverance is the key, my friend. You hit the nail on the head.

  3. You are right about fear stopping you. I just wrote a post about playing a game of "chicken" with fear just because I believe it should be delt with head on.

    Great post!

  4. I used to fall prey to procrastinating in favor of starting at "the perfect moment." I've since learned that every moment is perfect, because it's NOW.

    Great tips!

  5. @ Ralph

    You're absolutely right. Fear needs to be fought head on. You need to look fear in the eye and say I'm not going to let you control the way I live. I want to accomplish too many things within my lifetime to let 1 perpetual convincing thought hold me from absolute freedom.

    How have you been facing your fears Ralph?

  6. @ Megan,
    Procrastination is definitely the thief of time mixed with the assassination of an opportunity. Its best to just act now instead of later, because 2morrow is not guaranteed.

    When did you conquer procrastination fully Megan?