Thursday, September 24, 2009

14 Timeless Principles To Achieve Your Dreams

Dream as you will live forever, Live as if you die today
- James Dean

1. Associate With Positive People:

Association breeds similarities much more than you perceive. Your 5 closest friends are a direct reflect of who you are right now. If your 5 closest Friends are pessimistic, gossip babblers and lazy, you are this. But if your 5 closest friends are intelligent, know how to think positive and are keen to thinking Big, you will reflect these attributes.

2. Define your purpose

Establish a reason for living starting today. Engage in activities which bring you joy and satisfaction rather than pain and boredom. Search for your niche and stick to it. Proper use of your time can be put into performing an activity you enjoy. Nothing is more glorious than finding love in your work place. One you have found this money will be irrelevant to your happiness.

3. Desire

Back your passion with strong positive emotions to gain strength and momentum. Positive emotions are the fuels that skyrocket dreams which ascend beyond the earth's atmosphere. Without an intense desire to succeed at any aspect in your life you will lose momentum and ultimate fail.

4. Be Cheerful

No dream is worth attaining if the journey is depressing. Just because your reaching for the stars doesn't mean you cannot have fun along the way. If you begin to take your dream too seriously to the point of confusion it can slip throw your fingers. Take each day in stride by making each day a successful journey towards your destination.

5. Successful Day

Reaching your dream is about making each day a successful day. Each and everyday give your very best and you will have done enough for that day. Don't let thoughts of pessimism keep you from giving your all. By sowing your best each day you will reap the benefits in the near future.

6. End Fear And Worry

Thoughts of fear and worry are indications that you can do it if you try. If your feeling fearful, change your thoughts by expecting the best instead of the worst. Refuse to preoccupy your self with delusional thought of failure, but focus on succeeding. Become a a ship with a fixed destination, next stop Success Island.

7. Get 8 hours Rest

As you pursue your dreams your body will need the proper rest in order for you to give it your all each day. Allow your body to recharge by giving it the full 8 hours it needs to recover. Wake up early and sleep early is the best combination to get the very best out of yourself.

8.Think Bigger

If you want to achieve your dream think bigger than you could ever imagine. Think as if you were a kid by create a want list without limitation. I'm talking a house with 2 indoor pools, a basket ball court inside your home, 5 Ferrari's and a billion dollar charity stared by you, the works. Think of it as if your making your own sandwich at a deli. If you could put anything on your sandwich to make it magnificent what would it be? Don't limit yourself from what you can attain or accomplish. Remember it takes the same amount of energy to small as it does to think big. So why not?

9. Appreciation

Show gratitude for where you are in your life right now. Even if you aren't at your dreams yet or even know what your dream is, still be grateful. Gratitude is the final thought which encircles your vision so it can come true. So today list 10 things your grateful for, because tomorrow is not promised and life is too short for comfort.

10. Identify your Problem

Before you begin dreaming your dreams bigger than ever before. Identify what is stopping you from reaching this goal. Most people never hit there long term goal because they try to go around there problem instead of identifying it and super jump punching right though it. Don't make this mistake. Find the reasons why you have been procrastinating and fix it now.

11. Motivation

Keep yourself motivated by listening to audio tapes and reading positive literature. Turn your car into an educational center by playing motivational Cd's instead of listening to the radio. If you want to reach your dream, you must feed your mind a series positive material. Put the good stuff in to get the good stuff out.

12. Never stop

This principle is the easiest out of all to follow. Never Stop Until you reach your goal, plain and simple. Develop a mentality where you would rather die than actually give into failure at any point in time. People may say this is extreme but I have to ask you, how bad do you want to be free?

13. Model Successful people

Pick and chose at least one role model to follow. Model there action, thoughts and even behaviors. If your role model is Oprah Winfrey, ask yourself what would Oprah do in this situation. As obstacles begin to show up un announced, say to your self what would Oprah do if she was in my position. More than likely you will tackle your challenge with ease. The key is the rse above you circumstances no matter what the challenge.

14. Give Back

Dreams are made to be realized but you should also give back to others who need guidance to achieving their own dreams. My motto is " Do unto other , like you would like them to do unto you". If your friend or neighbor has daspirations just like you, make it an obligation to help them out. Giving of yourself can only increase your self esteem and self liking.

Do you have any other tips on how to achieve your dreams? Please share with us your dreams big small?

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