Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can Eminem Make You Famous?

8 Mile Rd in Detroit by DetroitDerek Photography.

"You can do anything you put your mind to man" - Eminem

I was watching a very inspiration movie today. It’s called 8mile if you’re wondering? Have you ever seen it? If not, I suggest you go to your local blockbuster or Netflix and rent this great movie.

The film is about a young man struggle to be recognized as a great Mc. Protagonist “rabbit”, is played by international superstar Eminem, maybe you’ve heard of him? I know your kids have. The film depicts rabbit’s Detroit lifestyle. His mother is a raging alcoholic, his friends are his closest thing to family and being a single father with a dead end job shows his quickly this life isn’t for him. Music is his only escape from his unhappy life and Rabbit want to be free from prison. His day to day regress and progress keeps one’s thinking about his or her own struggle to achieve. Beyond the clips which can bring tears you your eyes at times. The message is purely simple.

“Follow your heart, your dreams will set you free”.

The fact is, our dreams are usually put on the back burner. Why? Most of us believe dreams are just images of what we cannot have. Things we don’t deserve. Truth is, dreams and visions are what make us human. Without a dream or a purpose most perish. And so have I before I began to embody personal development.

My dream is to be a bestselling author at age 21, use my passion to create timeless music, create a world renown fashion line and do some stellar academy award winning acting. Without these seeds of greatness molted into my spinal cord, I would enjoy my life as it is now or feel as if I’m needed.

Just like Rabbit, success is my only motha sucking option failures not.

What is your option?

You got two options.

One you can look at this blog post and say. Hey dude, you’re too young to be telling me what to do. What can I learn from 21 year old kid like you. My response: we can all learn from each other, I’m just doing my part to contribute to a better life, you could be living.

Second option is to say, how I can do it? How can it reach a level of mental freedom where I can dream big and work towards my goals? My response. Find yourself a mirror. Look deep into your eyes and tell yourself you’re going to follow your heart as long as you live. No more fearing. Start some mental steering. Driving your attitude towards a positive light rather than a negative. Start saying I can rather than I can't.

Now go Follow your Dreams!

This is a message from The Dropout Kid…Hope you’ll be back next time. Peace

What are some of your most inspirational movies?

8Mile is mines, whats your! :)


  1. Hi Jon
    I loved '8 Mile' ... really inspiring. Great to hear how you are following your own dreams. I like the exercise you suggest with the mirror.... spot on. When we start saying we can rather than we can't magic really happens!

  2. Jen your a sweet heart. What other movies inspire you hun?

  3. Megan "JoyGirl!" BordMay 3, 2010 at 6:31 PM

    I absolutely believe that if we can dream it, we can have it. I don't even believe hard work is as necessary as BELIEF. If we believe we are worthwhile, deserving of all that is good (and all that is GOD), then to me, we'll get what we want through the law of attraction. Better put (and what I believe in) is manifesting. I believe we manifest absolutely everyone and everything in our lives, and over the last four years, I've learned how to get more of what I DO want and less of what I DON'T.

    Amen to this post!
    Awesome as usual!